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Monday, February 25, 2013

Smashwords Update

 So far on Smashwords, I have sold 2 copies of FTV and had 12 downloads (preview of the first 20%) and one 4 star review.

I appreciate the 4 star review very much. Thank you.

Book 2 is in the works, but it's taking a back seat to a short story I am writing. The short story is a thriller/horror story that may never see the light of day. Here's why: as in FTV, I like to explore the alternative to what is expected and what is generally accepted.

Not too many "good" things happen in my world. I prefer exploring the shadowy, dangerous regions. My short story is so "out there" that I fear it may break decency laws in all 50 states and I'll have the FBI knocking on my door. Only time will tell. After I attempt to publish it, I'll get back to Book 2 of the Guild of The Five.

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