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Friday, August 29, 2014

It's Coming!

I am nearing completion of my second book. This one is much shorter than Five Times Vengeance and in no way related. It is "Thoroughly Offensive." In fact, those two words are in the book's title. Think on that one for a while.

It should be published within a few months. It'll be interesting if Amazon tolerates it. It'll cause quite a stir.


  1. Honestly, I'm trying to write my own book, i got yours off one of the kindles "free book list" at the time, best part was,"this is how it's gonna go, if you don't like it, read something else..." that kinda stuck with me, !!"don't stop, branch off, you're a good author, you just need better publishers...

  2. don't stop going with it... i've been working on pretty much the same book for a few (6) years and i can't get past 2 chapters... "writers block"... but the way i see it, it just hasn't happened yet in the story

  3. Wow, thanks so much for the comments, Joseph. It's amazing how fast 2.5 years have gone by. I'm going through a huge bout of writer's block, but your comments have given me a renewed boost. I'll try to finish it up soon and throw it on Amazon. Thanks for the kind words and can't wait to see yours on the shelves.