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Friday, December 21, 2012

2nd Review came in. 5 STARS!

The good news is, I have 2 reviews now. The 2nd one was a 5 star review, no less. Thanks a ton, you made my week!

The sad news is, Five Times Vengeance is slipping further into Amazon's ranking abyss--and I even lowered it to 99 cents. I'm getting to the point that I'd rather have decent reviews than sales. At least that is some validity that I can write an entertaining story.

It's less than a month before I can break away from Amazon's chains. As I understand it, I can't put my book for sale on any other website until my 3 month term expires from the Lending Library. Man, I can't wait to give FTV some more exposure.

I have been busy writing, both the sequel to FTV and a short story, which is turning out to be a rather long short story. I decided that I would break it up into several smaller parts and then set it loose.

It's not a fantasy, though. It's more along the lines of horror/thriller. It's so blatantly offensive and shocking, that I don't think it will ever see the light of day. I'll try, though.

Merry Christmas,

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